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12 Benefits of

Assisted Living

Modern Bathroom

Help with Activities

If you or your loved one needs help with daily activities, like bathing, getting dressed or feeding themselves, that is provided in an assisted living facility. This ensures safety and health, and provides seniors and their loved ones with the peace of mind that these tasks will be taken care of each day no matter what.

Cleaning Supplies

No Home Upkeep

Moving out of your home and into an assisted living facility can be overwhelming at first. But once you realize how much time you can spend enjoying hobbies, social interaction and other activities, you realize you don't miss a cleaning, mowing the lawn and other home upkeep tasks. As a matter of fact, most of your housekeeping is handled for you.


Safety and Security

Living in an assisted living villa means access to safety that you can't get at home. Rooms, hallways and common areas are equipped with items like handrails and bright lighting to assure residents are safe at all times. Other modifications can also be made for people in wheelchairs or those who use walkers or have other mobility issues. Security is also important, and at our facility, there's a front desk and security guards throughout the property to monitor and control access 24/7

Healthy Meal

Healthy Meals

Seniors have unique nutrition needs, and unfortunately, they don't always meet them when they are left to take care of their own meals at home. At our assisted living community, residents have access to three healthy meals a day. They can even be cooked to meet specific health needs. Here in the Dominican Republic we have access to fresh vegetables, fruit and fish and other foods all year long.

Shopping Basket

Activity Access

Shopping, book clubs, gardening clubs, art classes, field trips, exercise classes — these are just some of the activities senior citizens can take advantage of when they choose assisted living with us. This can lead to opportunities that challenge the brain to keep it healthy and much-needed social stimulation that older adults may not get at home

Old Friends

More Social Opportunities

It can be difficult to make friends as an adult, but assisted living makes it easier than ever for older adults to meet new people. From the common areas to group activities, there is always an opportunity to get to know the other residents and never feel lonely.

White Minibuses


Many seniors find that they can't drive due to health conditions. Not only does them make them feel isolated, if they would live at home they would have to wait for a loved one to become available so they can go anywhere. Our assisted living facilities provides transportation services so residents can go to beach, cafes, shopping, etc, or get to appointments as needed.

Calculate Savings


Many people find that living in our assisted living facility is actually much cheaper than any other option. It's usually even cheaper than maintaining a home. There are several ways to pay for assisted living too, including life insurance policies, long-term care insurance and retirement savings etc.

Holiday Villa


Unlike a nursing home facility where seniors share a room with another resident, people in assisted living actually have some privacy. Even though there are other people around, particularly in common areas, you still have your own private villa where you can spend the day when you need some downtime.

old couple

Encouraged Independence

While a senior who choose assisted living may not be totally independent, our staff typically encourages as much independence as possible. This can work wonders for long-term health and happiness and improve the overall quality of life.

Old and Young

Peace of Mind for Everyone

When you realize you're unable to live alone or take care of yourself completely, you may worry about the future. Your children and other loved ones may have the same worries and wonder what they can do to help. Choosing our assisted living community means removing that worry for you and your family.

Inside an Ambulance

Medical and Emergency Help

Seniors who require medication, medical care and monitoring can get that and more at our assisted living community. We have as many registered nurses and medical assistants on staff. We even have doctors available and on call 24/7. If you or your loved one has an emergency, there's a plan in place to ensure it's handled ASAP.

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