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Healthcare In The Dominican Republic

Imagine $500 dollars a year for quality healthcare

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Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS)

They Saved My Life Twice

The Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS) is the largest hospital in the Dominican Republic and one of the most modern hospitals in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 300 doctor's offices, 400 beds, 16 operating rooms, a hotel, and other specialized units.

HOMS not only takes care of the Dominicans’ health but also allows foreigners to have the opportunity to receive high quality health care at low prices in what is called "health tourism". HOMS has an investment of more than $80.0 million US dollars. HOMS will be looking to be accredited by the Joint Commission of International Hospital Accreditation and Canada.

About Dominican Republic Health Care

Insurance Plans Starting At $400USD Annual

Top 3 Medical Insurance Companies

Our Broker Will Explain To You On The Tour

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ARS Palic


ARS Humano


ARS Universal

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