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Dominican Relocation Tour Itinerary 2022

Staring January 1st, 2022

Arriving in The Dominican Republic

VIP shuttle service

  • VIP airport shuttle service is provided from Airport to our group hotel in Cabarete. The airport shuttle service is provided even if you arrive before your tour check-in day. * available up to 14 days before your tour

Check-In Day – Friday – Cabarete Hotel Check-In Starts at 3PM

3:00 PM

  • Check-in is at 3PM – if you arrive earlier go to the front desk at the hotel and ask them to hold your luggage. You may request early check-in when you arrive at the hotel but this cannot be guaranteed.

  • There are no group meals during check-in day because we have guests arriving at all times of the day and night. But we will have a buffet set up in the restaurant.

Day 1 – Saturday – The Tour Begins in Cabarete

8:30 AM

  • Breakfast at hotel 8:30AM

  • Visit homes and/or condos in the area

  • Discuss housing & rental options and pros and cons of living in these areas

  • Learn where to meet expats in the Cabarete area

  • Check out grocery stores, pharmacy and other shopping opportunities in Cabarete

  • Learn important things to know before renting or buying in The Dominican Republic

  • Special Beach Dinner

  • Spend the night at the resort

Day 2 – Sunday – Las Cannas, Rio San Juan, Playa Grande, Cabrera, Las Terrenas

8:30 AM

  • Breakfast at hotel 8:30AM

  • Travel towards the Samana Peninsula

  • Explore affordable living in the areas heading towards Samana

  • Stop and look around in Las Cannas, Rio San Juan, Playa Grande

  • Lunch with Expats who live in the area Cabrera

  • Look at affordable living in Cabrera

  • Learn where the expats meet in the Cabrera area

  • Learn about affordable health insurance options 

  • Head to hotel and dinner in Las Terrenas

  • Dine and spend the night in Las Terrenas & meet expats who live there

Day 3 - Monday - Samana to Santo Domingo

8:30 AM

  • Breakfast in hotel 8:30AM

  • Then show you affordable living options in Las Terrenas area

  • Head towards Samana

  • Lunch in Samana

  • Discuss housing options in Samana

  • Learn about shipping your things to The Dominican Republic

  • Learn how to get your pets here the easy way

  • Discuss housing options, pros & cons

  • of living in Samana

  • Drive through national park towards the Capital and stop at Zona Franca for people interested in tax free business opportunities 

  • Check in at Hotel and meet with expats for dinner

Day 4 - Tuesday - Santo Domingo- Jarabacoa

8:30 AM

  • Breakfast in hotel 8:30AM

  • Quick tour of the city

  • See residential communities and rentals in the area

  • Stop at large mall

  • Discuss pros and cons of living in the capital

  • Learn where to meet expats in the area

  • Head towards Jarabacoa

  • Check into hotel

  • Late Dominican lunch in Jarabacoa

  • Meet expats who live in the area

  • See housing opportunities in the area

  • Dinner with expats in the area

Day 5 - Santiago - Puerto Plata - Sosua

8:30 AM

  • Breakfast in hotel 8:30AM

  • Head towards Santiago second largest city in the country

  • Look at housing options in Santiago

  • Visit must see sights while in the area

  • Meet with expats living in the city for lunch

  • Head towards Puerto Plata

  • Look at housing options in the area

  • Visit must see sights

  • Head to Sosua to spend the night in a famous gated community

  • Get informed about gated communities in the area

  • Dinner with Expats

Day 6 Sosua - The Mountains

8:30 AM

  • Breakfast in gated community 8:30AM

  • Head out to see housing options in Sosua and surrounding area

  • Head to mountainous area to see off grid living and meet expats for lunch on a local expat owned ranch-farm

  • Our legal team answers your question

  • Back to our condotel in Cabarete

  • Special Dinner on Cabarete beach with our entire team and local expats

Check-Out Day – Friday

8:30 AM

  • Breakfast provided at our condotel in Cabarete

  • VIP airport shuttle departs as per flight schedules

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