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Founder of DRT
Leon Alter

Founder of (ILASA) International Law & Security Association NGO

Leon has made it his mission to help society in every way possible. From public safety to environmental issues, search and rescue to major donations of clothing to security vehicles, looking out for the children and liaison between locals and expats. He helped many of the local expats make a safe transition to a new life on the island.

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Leon Alter ILASA Beach Cleanups

Leon Alter and ILASA make teaching and keeping the environment clean an important part of the ongoing mission in the Dominican Republic.

Video by Ronald Cid instagram@ronaldcid7

Leon Alter ILASA Ambulance Donations Sosua Cabarete

Leon's most important mission has been saving lives. Ambulances were a must.

Leon Alter ILASA & FARD

Leon Alter on joint operation with the Dominican Air Force to rescue 9 tourists and 2 crew after boat sinks 10 miles offshore.

Leon Alter ILASA Fire Truck Donation To Cabarete

With the help of the Dominican Air Force, Leon Alter and ILASA were able to donate a fire truck to the city of Cabarete

Leon Alter ILASA Large Donation

Donation of 4 fire trucks, one school bus, and one search and rescue truck to Dominican Air Force

Air Force General Richard Vasquez thanks Leon Alter and ILASA for helping create SAR search and rescue unit and in the day to day help on the north coast

In a military ceremony led by Major General Pilot Luis N. Payan Diaz, General Commander of the Air Force of the Dominican Republic held the Change of Command in the Puerto Plata Air Base. Sub Comandante General de la FARD Piloto Richard Vásquez Jiménez, receives plaque of appreciation for his work in the formation of SAR on the Puerto Plata Air Force Base and then Sub Comandante General de la FARD Piloto Richard Vásquez Jiménez thanks Leon Alter and ILASA for the support in the day to day work in the developement of SAR and for the donation of vehicles, equipment and K9 Unit. In this activity held on Saturday August 27, installed as the new Commander, Colonel Pilot Juan Dario Tejada Quintana, FARD (DEM), replacing in this important position of FARD Brigadier General Pilot Richard Vasquez Jimenez, FARD , who in turn has taken over as General Subcomandante of the FARD. Fuente: Domingo Ureña Rodriguez

Donation of SAR Dogs and Gear from Brown Family

K9 donation of Kyra & Donna for FARD Base Aérea Puerto Plata K9 Unit and a large donation of equipment to Defensa Civil of Puerto Plata and Maimon. A special thanks to Robby Hermans our friend and K9 trainer in Florida.

The Brown family made this donation after Leon Alter successfully lead the search & rescue of Canadian Patrick Brown who spent 6 days in the Dominican jungle.

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