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Our Story

"After working all over the world, from its people to the islands beauty, I have finally found paradise." Leon Alter


About The Team

Leon Alter is the founder and creator of the Dominican Republic Relocation Tours. Leon is also a philanthropist and the founder of ILASA International Law and Security Association, which has donated everything from hundreds of thousands of pounds of clothing after floods, to fire trucks and ambulances on the north coast and throughout the country. 

Leon has funded the local orphanage and also saved lives with his military experience in search and rescue in the Dominican Republic as a proud member of the Dominican Air Force. Also organizes large scale beach and environment missions with locals and expats called No Tiro Basura.

Leon has also been on the show Close Calls on BBC One in the UK, as well as CTV News a couple of times in Canada after leading SAR ops here in the DR.

Leon's currently in charge but working side by side with his dedicated team preparing to reopen Dominican Relocation Tours. He also continues to do oversight on ILASA and his other endeavors.

Growing up in Montreal, Canada, and being the oldest of three children. Leon has always been a leader. Being part of a great giving and caring family, he was  taught the values of always sharing and helping anyone he could, 

Outside of work Leon loves to spend time with the people he loves and his dogs, birds, fish and other animals at home. If you ever get to see how he loves and treats his animals, that in itself will put a smile on your face. 

After traveling all over the world, and living in the Dominican Republic for many years, and falling in love with the people and the country, he came up with the concept of the Dominican Relocation Tour to combine all of the benefits he and his associates have been providing to people but on a larger scale.

We tried to get more personal, and he did eventually let us listen to the music he wrote and sang, amazing, and imagine, the big bad military man sings too.

ILASA.ORG website click here

See some of Leon's story click below


Our Vision

This vision has led to a continuing adaptation of Leon's service and vision to both the expat and Dominican community, with our clients and staff at the heart of it. Before Dominican Relocation Tours, there were few options to get real info on relocating to the Dominican Republic.

Our Business

New businesses and entrepreneurs start up every day, but with Dominican Relocation Tours we work tirelessly towards informing our guests on everything they need to know to make relocation a seamless transition.

Our Guest

Our unique tour attracts people just about ready to make the dream of moving to the Dominican Republic a reality, Our clients have benefited immensely from our team of guides, and professional staff as well as an eagerness to explore the Dominican way of life and beauty of the environment here.

We Support The Local Community By:

casa ninos felices.jpg

We're a cosponsor of the local orphanage, and travelers may visit as part of the local experience if they wish to give back.


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