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Sir John

Tour Coordinator

Hi, I’m Dominican Republic Relocation Tours coordination expert, an experienced Tour Guide originally from the pacific northwest USA. Since relocating to the Dominican Republic in 2005 with my wife and 2 small children, have personally shown 100's of people what our beautiful island has to offer. I will make sure that you have the travel experience that’s perfect for your needs.


Sir John's activities on the island

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Supports family NGO

Center for Therapies, Specialized Education and Language

What we do for special needs kids.....

If your child has:
* Delay in the development of all levels of language.
* Difficulties in pronunciation.
* Problems in the fluency of speech (stuttering)
We offer therapeutic services and professional personalized attention.

Link to NGO

New Growth

Reforestation Projects

Sir John is a certified permaculturist

Providing the best seeds and seedlings of fruit trees to local NGO's and other planting projects. Reforestation with food.

Farming Scene

Explore mountains and local farming communities

Committed to Quality

I constantly explore our farming communities and mountainous regions for innovative solutions in the production of food on the island.

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