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Dominican Republic Relocation Tours

Itinerary 2020-2021 NOBODY knows the island like we do!

On the Trail

Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic
VIP shuttle service

VIP airport shuttle service is provided from airport to our group hotel in Cabarete. The airport shuttle service is provided even if you arrive before your tour check-in day. Available up to 14 days before your tour.

Before you book, think about adding a second or third week to relax or check out more sights.

Check-in Day – Friday – Cabarete Hotel Check-in Starts at 3 PM

  • Check-in is at 3 PM – If you arrive earlier go to the front desk at the hotel and ask them to hold your luggage. You may request early check-in when you arrive at the hotel but this cannot be guaranteed.

  • There are no group meals during check-in day because we have guests arriving at all times of the day and night. Welcome cocktail on us upon arrival. Before you book, think about adding a second or third week to relax or check out more sights.

On the Trail

Day 1 – Saturday – The Tour Begins in Cabarete

  • Breakfast at hotel 8:30AM

  • Meet and  discuss tour agenda

  • Visit homes and/or condos in the area

  • Discuss housing & rental options, pros and cons of living in these areas

  • Learn where to meet expats in Cabarete

  • Check out grocery stores, pharmacy and other shopping opportunities in the area

  • Learn important things to know before renting or buying in the Dominican Republic

  • Special beach dinner with lawyers and accountants who will explain what you need to know about relocating to the D.R. and answer your questions

  • Spend the night at the resort

Day 2 – Sunday – Las Cannas, Rio San Juan, Playa Grande, Cabrera, Las Terrenas

  • Breakfast at hotel 8:30AM

  • Travel towards the Samana Peninsula

  • Explore affordable living in the areas heading towards Samana

  • Stop and look around in Las Cannas, Rio San Juan, Playa Grande

  • Lunch with expats who live in the area

  • Look at affordable living in Cabrera

  • Learn where the expats meet in the Cabrera area

  • Learn about affordable health insurance options 

  • Head to hotel and dinner in Las Terrenas

  • Dine and spend the night in Las Terrenas & meet expats who live there

On the Trail

Day 3 - Monday - Samana to Santo Domingo

  • Breakfast in hotel 8:30AM

  • Then show you affordable living options in Las Terrenas area

  • Head towards Samana

  • Lunch in Samana

  • Discuss housing options in Samana

  • Learn about shipping your things to the Dominican Republic

  • Learn how to get your pets here the easy way

  • Discuss housing options, pros & cons of living in Samana

  • Drive through national park towards the Capital and stop at Zona Franca for people interested in tax free business opportunities 

  • Check in at hotel and meet with expats for dinner

Day 4 - Tuesday - Santo Domingo - Santiago - Puerto Plata

  • Breakfast in hotel 8:30AM

  • Quick tour of the city

  • See residential communities and rentals in the area

  • Stop at large mall

  • Discuss pros and cons of living in the capital

  • Learn where to meet expats in the area

  • Head to Santiago

  • Lunch in Santiago

  • Meet expats who live in the area

  • Quick tour of the city

  • See housing opportunities in the area

  • Head to Puerto Plata

  • Check into hotel

  • Dinner with expats in the area

On the Trail

Day 5 - Wednesday - Puerto Plata - Sosua

  • Breakfast in hotel 8:30AM

  • Tour Puerto Plata

  • Look at housing options in the area

  • Visit must see sights while in the area

  • Head to Sosua

  • Meet with expats living in Sosua for lunch

  • Talk about housing options in the area

  • Visit must see sights

  • Spend the night in a famous gated community

  • Get informed about living in the area

  • Dinner with expats

Day 6 - Thursday - Sosua - The Mountains

  • Breakfast in gated community 8:30AM

  • Head out to see housing options in Sosua and surrounding area

  • Head to mountainous area to see off grid living possibilities

  • Stop for lunch, a surprise that will blow your mind

  • Back to gated community

  • Special dinner on Cabarete beach with our entire team and local expats


Check-out Day – Friday

Ask about our second week tour

  • Breakfast provided

  • VIP airport shuttle departs as per flight schedules


Are you ready to reserve your spot on a Dominican Relocation Tour? If your tour date is over 30 days away, you’ll only need to pay a $500 deposit per person, with the remaining balance due 30 days before your tour starts. If your tour date is within the next 30 days, you’ll need to pay the full price of the tour to reserve your space.

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